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The Ligurian cuisine consist of traditional dishes of Liguria Region, in the northwest of Italy, which includes preparations, techniques and ingredients linked both to local production and imports from aereas with which the centuries, the Ligurian had frequent contacts (such as Pecorino cheese, one of the Pesto sauce ingredients).

For history, roots and elements that compose it, can be said that this is the real italian mediterranean cuisine; a poor kitchen, own of country people, mountaineers and sailors, made or simple, common and cheap food , which has nevertheless become expensive, sophisticated.

To summarize we can say that the cuisine of Liguria, was distinguished for six major elements:

the spontaneus wild herbs (marjoram, sage, rosemary, bay leaf, thime, etc) herbs from the home, basil is most important and the early fruits of the vegetable garden (tomato"beef heart, zucchini trumpets, sweet onions, Genoese quarantine potatoes, eggplants, asparagus and arthichokes, mushrooms), extra virgin Olive Oil of Ligurian Riviera, starchy foods and bakery products such Focaccia (flat Genoese bread, with cheese or not) as Torta Pasqualina (vegetables salty pie) Farinata (chickpeas flour pie with olive oil) and the wide range of dry and fresh pasta.


Ligurian Cuisine

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It has a great deal ancient roots: different Latin recipes and Greek frets bring deformed of purea of vegetables, cooked in oven.

A legend tells that was born by chance in 1284, when Genoa defeated Pisa in the battle of the Meloria. The Genoese Galeeships positions of imprisoned rowers, were found involved in a storm. In the uproar some kegs of oil and the sacks of chickpeas upset him drenching itself of salty water.Since the provisions were those that were and there were not a lot to choose, the possible one was recovered and bowls of a shapeless purea of chickpeas and oil were given to the sailors. Some sailors refused the mash leaving it to the sun, that dried the mixture in a kind of pie. The day later pushed by the bites of the hunger, the sailors ate the prepared one discovering of it taste.

Reentered to earth the Genoese they thought about improving the new discover, cooking the purea in oven.



Its basic ingredient is the Genoese Basil.

The pesto is obtained by crushing (mixing) the basil with the salt, pine nuts and garlic, all seasoned with Parmesan, pecorino cheese and extra virgin olive oil. It is therefore a raw sauce, that is a compound in which all the ingredients are cold-blended, not cooked. For this characteristic ingredients do not lose any of their organoleptic characteristics



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